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Travis Kelce is the one guy the Chiefs can’t afford to lose

We’ve asked this question before and depending on the time of year you might get a different answer but with Carson Wentz’s injury it has come up again:

Who is the one player the Chiefs can’t afford to lose?

I’m going to cut quarterback out of this question. Alex Smith probably has the biggest effect on the team but that’s the case with most teams because of that position.

So, not counting quarterback, the one player the Chiefs can’t afford to lose right now is Travis Kelce. The other options here were likely Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt or Travis Kelce (and I would throw in Eric Berry).

It’s ironic I say that this week as the Chiefs face a must-win against the Chargers because Kelce was basically ignored in the Chiefs last game against the Chargers and they won by two touchdowns.

Kelce, though, is the key to this Chiefs offense. Tyreek brings it to another level and Kareem brings some playmaking ability but day in and day out Kelce remains the most important offensive piece.

He lines up everywhere, he is the best player at his position and he can be a security blanket for Alex Smith. He had all those things before but the touchdowns weren’t coming in droves. They are starting to this year as he already has a career high with seven touchdowns this season.

I say Kelce is the one player (non-QB) the Chiefs can’t afford to lose right now. What about you?

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