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Updated NFL odds Week 15: Chiefs are now underdogs vs. Chargers

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We noted a couple of days ago that the Kansas City Chiefs opened up as small one-point favorites over the Los Angeles Chargers this Sunday Saturday at Arrowhead.

That’s changed.

The Chiefs are now one-point underdogs as the odds have shifted in the Chargers favor. The Chargers are hot as can be right now and the Chiefs just won after losing four in a row before that so I can see why the Chargers are favored ... but I’m still surprised.

This was a Chiefs team that was a road favorite multiple times in their recent bad stretch where they lost six of seven games. That the odds are now going against them — at home -- is a little surprising.

It’s also surprising because of the Chiefs total dominance of the Chargers lately. Kansas City hasn’t lost to Philip Rivers in nearly four years.