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Alex Smith says Chiefs will welcome Marcus Peters back

Before the Raiders-Chiefs game on Sunday we joked that the Chiefs defense was going to play really well and everyone was going to say, ‘See, the Chiefs don’t need Peters!’

So, of course, that’s exactly what happened. I don’t know how serious some people are who say they don’t want Peters to return -- it’s a minority, to be sure — because I think anyone looking at the situation would rather have Peters than not.

That’s a small number of fans though. For the players part, they’re going to welcome Peters back to the team.

“I mean I think everybody on this team knows what Marcus is about and I mean that in the best way,” Chiefs QB Alex Smith said. “The guy is such a heck of a competitor. I think sometimes that’s also been his worst enemy in his past. It’s not for a lack of caring. It’s not that he’s not in it. For me that’s the more alarming thing ever in a teammate. I think everybody will welcome him back. We need everybody. I imagine Marcus is pumped up from what he watched today. I think everybody is going to love to see him (Monday) when he gets back to the building.”

Other quotes I’ve seen from Chiefs players are similar things. The Chiefs know that as one of their best players that Peters is one of their leaders in the secondary and they’re going to need him down the stretch.

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