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Chiefs’ Darrelle Revis plays almost every snap, gives up one catch

I didn’t hear his name or see Darrelle Revis very often against the Oakland Raiders which is a good sign. We’ve been hearing too much about that side of the secondary lately but Revis did a nice job quieting things down.

Derek Carr was bad so that certainly helped. There was one long pass play where Revis was beat if Carr threw a good pass but overall a good second game for him. His first game back last week he looked rusty with a couple of glaring missed tackles but this game seemed better (I say “seemed” because I haven’t re-watched the game yet).

Revis played 56 of the Chiefs 61 defensive snaps on the day up from 36 last week. Marcus Peters was out so I’m not quiet sure how that affected the rotation among the cornerbacks. The Chiefs plan was to make Revis a starter and two weeks in he’s basically there.

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