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NFL picks Week 14: Raiders vs. Chiefs predictions from the AP staff

The Rundown: Raiders at Chiefs

Marcus Peters is suspended this weekend. Can the Chiefs still win?

Posted by Arrowhead Pride: For Kansas City Chiefs Fans on Friday, December 8, 2017

The Arrowhead Pride staff makes their Raiders-Chiefs game predictions. Find more Week 14 NFL picks here. Here’s who we’re picking.

Raiders 20 Chiefs 16

I don’t pick against the Chiefs very often but I promised myself last week that if I can’t trust them in New York against the Jets, you can’t trust them at home against a better team. -Joel Thorman

Raiders 24 Chiefs 27

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I have more hope this week than I did the last few weeks. Maybe the offense showing signs of life has given me a new sense of optimism, but I just don't think they're quite done yet. With their backs to the wall, I think they let us hold out hope for at least one more week that the playoffs are still in play. -Seth Keysor

Raiders 41 Chiefs 42

The only reason I'm picking the Chiefs is because I'm taking my wife to her first Chiefs game and she ate Chinese the day after we bought tickets and her fortune cookie said: You will attend a fun sporting event in your near future. Crazy huh? Nothing could be more fun than a last second Chiefs win in a shootout amirite??? Yes... It's gotten to this point, the point where I pick the Chiefs based on a fortune cookie. It's all I have and the only reason I think KC can win. Sad. -Gary McKenzie

Raiders 23 Chiefs 27

Something is clearly wrong at 1 Arrowhead Drive. Someone has lost some level of respect or confidence within that locker room. It could be Bob Sutton. It could be Andy Reid. It could even be a hangover from the rough stretch Alex Smith had. The next four weeks will tell us something about the future of this organization. If they can't bounce back this season, my long term outlook is less positive.

I still trust Reid, but last week I lost a little for the first time in his tenure in Kansas City. Regardless of slightly waning confidence, I do think Reid will right this ship and I believe that starts with a win against Oakland. -Kent Swanson

Raiders 34 Chiefs 30

Rivalry game, division and playoff hopes on the line, coming off of the worst stretch of the Andy Reid era. It all comes down to Sunday. Anything could happen, and it shouldn't be too surprising. The Raiders could end the Chiefs season in a blowout, the Chiefs could dominate or it could be another ugly, down-to-the-wire game. I would guess the latter, and unfortunately, I don't see the guy on the Chiefs team that will make the big play. I hope I'm wrong, and this ends up a brilliant reverse-jinx. -Matt Stagner


Predictions in video form...

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