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Darrelle Revis had been getting the Chiefs calls for a while

Shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs announced the signing of Darrelle Revis it was reported that the Chiefs had actually been trying to sign Revis all season long.

That is true. Revis met with the Kansas City media this week and indicated that the Chiefs had been working on him for a while.

“During my whole process of training and not being in the National Football League,” Revis said, “I took a step back and just really focused on my philanthropy work and my non-profit and continued to stay training. Through that whole process, Kansas City has always made the phone calls to try to get me on board to play for them.”

His first game will be against the team who drafted him, the Jets.

“No, I don’t think it’s any extra motivation,” Revis said when asked about facing the Jets. “For me throughout my career it’s always been about timing and I just felt that where I was at in my training that I was fit and ready to come back to play football.”

Most importantly, the Chiefs had a need at cornerback. It’s obvious they weren’t happy with what they were getting out of that position considering they have played three different players in that spot in recent weeks.

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