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Arrowheadlines: Darrelle Revis expectations for Chiefs vs. Jets

AP rundown: Week 13

The AP rundown, 5 up and 5 down on the Chiefs

Posted by Arrowhead Pride: For Kansas City Chiefs Fans on Friday, December 1, 2017

Everybody is guessing at reasonable expectations for CB Darrelle Revis | ESPN

"I really have no idea what to expect," Revis said. "I haven't played the majority of this year, this football season. For me, I'm just excited to get back at it."

SportsBeat KC: Chiefs-Jets Week 13 NFL game preview | The Kansas City Star

Chiefs Gameplan is back for the Chiefs’ Week 13 matchup against the New York Jets. The Star’s Terez Paylor kicks off the pod with an interview with Jets beat writer Connor Hughes, who dissects the Jets' surprising season, whether it actually makes sense for the Jets to win Sunday and how to attack them on both sides of the ball.

Amidst intrigue, Chiefs’ Darrelle Revis downplays showdown against Jets | The Kansas City Star

“No, we have a long history –– I’ve played there since 2007,” Revis said. “I had an awesome time there. We had our runs, our AFC Championships back-to-back that we missed out on. Great guys, great teammates and coaches that I’ve been around there. Most of my legacy was with the Jets. I don’t think anything personally. I’m just on another team.”

Chiefs QB Alex Smith: 'The attention to detail gets turned up' | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith commented Wednesday on why plays didn’t work Sunday against the Bills.

Tyreek Hill looks to ignite jets on punt returns | The Kansas City Star

“Teams are kicking rugby kicks to us,” Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub said. “They’re kicking high. They don’t care about how far they kick the ball anymore. We’re getting the 39-yard kick with a high hang time, which is just about impossible to get a return.

Jets can really complicate Chiefs’ tough QB call | New York Post

Best offensive player: Tight end Travis Kelce continues to prove he is one of the best at his position in the NFL. Kelce has 62 catches for 777 yards and five touchdowns this season. This is the latest top tight end the Jets have to face. They have done a decent job of stopping tight ends lately, but this will be a challenge.

All-22: Buffalo Bills defense confused Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs | Buffalo Rumblings

After three straight games of defensive ineptitude, Leslie Frazier and his defense turned things around and produced an excellent performance in Kansas City on Sunday. The run defense was spectacular holding Kareem Hunt under 20 yards. The pass defense was just as good holding Alex Smith under 200 yards passing and then putting the clamps on Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce to a combined 10 catches for only 80 yards. I want to look at three things the Bills did on Sunday and then relate them to facing Brady and the Pats on Sunday.

Chiefs found way out of Loserville in 2015 | The Kansas City Star

“Our backs were against the wall and every game was a must-win game,” linebacker Derrick Johnson said of their start in 2015. “We pulled together, and once we started winning we made it habit.

Darrelle Revis of Kansas City Chiefs -- No extra motivation in facing New York Jets | ESPN

"For me throughout my career, it's always been about timing. I just felt where I was at in my training that I was fit and ready to come back and play football.''

Chiefs QB Alex Smith was mic’d up against the Bills | Arrowhead Pride

They showed Alex Smith in the huddle a few times and he was telling his teammates to focus on the next play. They also showed one of those plays where Alex dove over a defender near the sideline trying to get the first down and then he complained about the bad spot (yes, it was a bad spot).

Andy Reid on Chiefs' rut: 'This isn't an Alex Smith thing' |

Gone are the big plays, with defenses deploying far more Cover 2 looks to force Smith to check the ball down or make tight-window throws, which he notoriously eschews. The inability of the running game to take advantage of the soft zone schemes is allowing defensive coaches to remain in Cover 2 looks to take away big plays and misdirection calls that work better against man coverages. The Chiefs are averaging 76.3 rushing yards per game the last six contests. They averaged 156.2 rush YPG in the first five.

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