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NFL picks Week 13: Predicting Chiefs vs. Jets is not easy

The 6-5 KC Chiefs go on the road to face the 4-7 New York Jets. The Chiefs are a 3-point favorite but have lost five of their last six games. Let’s look at the game predictions from the Arrowhead Pride staff.

Our Chiefs-Jets predictions are out.

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The Arrowhead Pride staff has their predictions for Sunday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets. The Chiefs visit the Jets at 12 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) on Sunday and you can view the game on CBS.

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Chiefs 21 Jets 17

I’ve been going back on forth on this. The Chiefs just can’t be this bad. They’ve already matched their worst stretch under Reid at 1-5 in the last six so count me in for a rebound. -Joel

Chiefs 24, Jets 20

A loss to the Jets is my personal breaking point. Some semblance of the team that started 5-0 is still in there somewhere. The Chiefs have arguably the two best wins in football, and arguably the worst loss. It's been an incredibly frustrating and odd season. I've seen this core start 1-5 and end the season breaking the playoff loss streak. There's still a sliver of hope. Hope will die Sunday if they lay an egg in New York. I think the Chiefs crack that door open a little wider against the Jets. -Kent Swanson

Chiefs 20 Jets 21

It is the strangest of times. Through the first five weeks of the NFL season, the Chiefs were unanimously decided to be the best team in the league. There were the Chiefs, and there was everybody else. Then something changed. Defenses figured out that hip, new offense, and in perhaps the biggest surprise in several years, Andy Reid wasn’t able to make a correction at the bye week. I have given this team the benefit of the doubt for weeks, but no more. I think the Chiefs show something this Sunday, more than they have, but they come up just short again, dropping back to .500 football and by the end of the weekend, out of first place. -Pete Sweeney

Chiefs 21 Jets 14

It's hard to pick the Chiefs to win lately, but I think there are a few things going in the Chiefs direction in this game. First of all, the Chiefs have stunk vs cover 2. Cover 2 requires solid play from your safeties and linebackers. The Jets start two rookie safeties who have been average according to PFF. The Jets have one above average linebacker and the rest are average or below average according to PFF. This means the Jets may not have the best personnel to play the Chiefs as effectively. Another thing is that Alex Smith has been in a bad slump lately. Smith has had multiple slumps worse than this one and bounced back from them, so I suspect he'll do the same here. Smith will play just barely good enough to stay on the field.... much to the chagrin of the majority of Chiefs fans. -Gary McKenzie

Chiefs 13, Jets 19

I've been broken. I've finally lost my faith in the offense to bounce back. Sure, it's only been 3 straight games that it's looked absolutely anemic... but it feels like a lifetime. While everyone wants to blame Alex Smith (and I've finally come around to the "might as well throw in Mahomes" point of view), there are other systemic failures going on as well. It all just feels like too much against a Jets defense that is much better than the defenses that have been throttling the Chiefs lately. -Seth Keysor

Chiefs 27 Jets 17

How can we pick the Chiefs to win at this point? The offense, starting with the QB and offensive line has been flat, and out of sync. Nothing has worked from a play calling standpoint for Andy Reid, and players just aren't executing. They aren't creating big plays on offense, defense or special teams. Other than that ... everything is great. The defense is playing decent overall, especially against the run. Travis Kelce has been great all season, and Tyreek Hill is quietly putting up a legit No. 1 WR season. So, this week against the Jets? The opponent doesn't matter. The Chiefs have to get back to executing their offense. If they can do that, and/or get bailed out by returns and turnovers, they can get back to winning. I guess I will pick KC in the hopes that they have bottomed out and will get better from here, but I can't feel confident at this point. -Matt Stagner

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