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Chiefs bye week conversations with fans

The last game wasn’t fun, so today I decided to have some fun.

Rather than the typical podcast, we welcomed on six of you guys—the Arrowhead Pride readers—to talk the Chiefs' season through the first nine games.

On the show:

1:54 - Justin Dondey, Chiefs fan of 30 years

7:41 - Andrew Kassis, Chiefs fan of 16 years who also happened to make Pete a pancake graphic at one point in his life

13:34 - Clinton Petrie, Chiefs fan of six years who thinks the Chiefs could have major issues right now

21:00 - Chris Wilson, Chiefs fan of 27 years who claims he has the best tailgate in the parking lot

28:30 - Logan Sperry, Chiefs fan of 23 years who says his mom was birthing him while watching a Chiefs game

37:07 - “Tre” Sidney Deane, who still believes the Chiefs could go to the Super Bowl.

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