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Two examples of other teams taking plays from Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs

It’s a copycat league. You’ve heard that before. Andy Reid’s offense is so popular that other teams are borrowing from him. I saw two instances this week of other teams copying from Andy Reid.

The first one is from the Rams who said took a Chiefs play.

I got that from Andy Reid,” Rams coach Sean McVay said via Peter King of The MMQB. “Opening night, Kansas City at New England.”

The play was Kareem Hunt’s 78-yard touchdown catch. It had Tyreek Hill coming in motion, faking the give to him to draw the safety in and then throwing it to Hunt down the middle.

“KC ran it the first game of the season,” Goff said via The MMQB. “That was straight from them. But you saw how well it fit what we do. They’ve got players like we have.”

The second one is a quote from Broncos CB Chris Harris after the Broncos were blown out by the Doug Pederson-led Eagles.

“They knew everything we were going to do today. They had a good game plan. Carson Wentz is a great quarterback. They kind of stole the Chiefs offense. They just executed a lot better than us.”

No, this doesn’t make up for losing three outta four but big picture I would rather be at the forefront of coming up with new plays rather than being the one that copies.

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