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Chiefs head coach Andy Reid unhappy with second-half call in Cowboys game

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is not one to call out referees. It is typically not his style.

So, whenever he does say something regarding a referee’s decision, I take special notice. Reid made a point of it to talk about the third-quarter pass interference call on Steve Nelson during the opening statement of his Monday morning press conference.

“[There was] one call in particular that was probably not the right call,” Reid said. “We’re all going to have our good days and bad days but the one with Nelson, I thought Nelson had the right of way on that and was called for pass interference. It ended up being a big play on that drive and didn’t allow us to get off the field and get back on and go when we had a little bit of momentum.”

Regardless of how you feel about the play, Reid is right in saying that with no call, that’s a Chiefs stop, and the momentum stays with the Chiefs.

And maybe this entire Monday feeling headed into the bye would have been different.

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