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Yes, it’s crazy to be talking Patrick Mahomes over Alex Smith right now

I’ll admit, this took way longer than I thought. I thought we would be hearing about Patrick Mahomes in the first game of the season but Alex Smith came out 5-0 with the Kansas City Chiefs and looked like an MVP candidate along the way.

The Chiefs have lost three of four and Alex Smith hasn’t been quite as good but he still has 18 touchdowns to two interceptions. He’s playing really well overall. I saw Peter King listed him third in his MVP race.

Even after a game in which the Chiefs offense wasn’t good enough, this is a crazy tweet from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

This is a misreading of the feeling around the Chiefs right now. Fans are definitely upset! But not at Alex Smith. Some fans want Mahomes (I know because you’re going to tell me in the comments section right below this). But there is no clamoring for Mahomes around Kansas City right now. I even commented after the game that I was kinda surprised at how few people were wanting to start Mahomes.

So, yeah. Mahomes will have his time but it’s not right now. Let’s focus on one thing to be angry about at a time, folks (hint: it’s the defense).

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