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Broncos fans remind Chiefs fans it could be worse

As the Cowboys drove down the field and scored on the Chiefs in the fourth quarter yesterday, I wrote on Twitter that this is a deflating series for the Chiefs. They were still within a score before the Cowboys touchdown but now it was a two score game halfway through the fourth quarter. So deflating.

Thanks to our friends (friends?) at Mile High Report for pointing out that it could get worse.

Indeed. You could be the Broncos this season. They are not good and they just had a 50 burger dropped on them by the Eagles.

If this were 2013, I would be focusing on how the Chiefs are still leading the division and how they have one of the league’s easiest schedules coming up and how nobody in the AFC is special this year. I would be pointing out (correctly) that the Chiefs have as good of a shot as any of the top few teams in the AFC.

I won’t do that this year because the Chiefs have done the 11-win, make the playoff thing before. Like Bill Self’s KU Jayhawks, the regular season matters less (H/T His Dirkness for that one). It’s all about the postseason.

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