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The reason why Kansas City Chiefs fans are so upset with these losses

Chris Conley isn’t playing this year after rupturing his Achilles a few weeks ago so he’s just like the rest of us watching the game on the couch. Because he’s usually playing and not tweeting during the game he is just now figuring out that social media is in fact awful, especially right after your team loses.

I don’t really think it’s awful but it is a dark place after a Chiefs loss. People are calling a 6-3 team a bad team and even the most optimistic Chiefs fan starts to wonder if they’re right.

So, Conley saw some of those tweets and wrote this.

Listen, Conley has made the Chiefs his career. He is more dedicated to the team than I am. Dude puts in a lot and it’s gotta be tough watching your team when you’re hurt. However, there’s some history here. There’s a reason Chiefs fans are like this with a good 6-3 team. It didn’t just happen.

There’s always a but.

The 1993 Chiefs went to the AFC Championship game a year after Conley was born BUT ... Joe Montana suffered a concussion and the Chiefs lost.

The 1995 Chiefs had the best defense in football BUT ... that damn kicker missed three field goals in the playoffs.

The 1997 Chiefs had the talent everywhere BUT ... they ran into a Hall of Fame quarterback on his way to back to back Super Bowls.

The 2003 Chiefs had an all time offense BUT ... the defense was so bad.

This year’s team, it feels like they have a shot. That’s why the loss hurts more. Chiefs fans have been conditioned to wait for the BUT and the reason they are upset is because it feels like we’re seeing it right now. That’s why this hurts.

I didn’t see the tweets that Conley saw and I’m sure there were some bad, inappropriate ones sent to him because that’s social media after a loss (believe me, I have 80,000 followers on Twitter. I see my share of them). But the reason fans are so salty is because this season feels real.

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