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Tyreek Hill had the play of the year for the Kansas City Chiefs before the half

The Kansas City Chiefs were on the 43-yard line with two seconds left in the first half and they scored an unbelievable touchdown.

The Chiefs got the ball from the Cowboys with nine seconds left in the half. They threw a pass to Charcandrick West who stepped out of bounds with two seconds left at the Chiefs’ 43-yard line.

The Cowboys had a bunch of defenders lined up really deep near the end zone in a prevent-style defense to, um, prevent the touchdown. The Chiefs threw the ball to a wide open Tyreek Hill in the middle of the field and he had a few Chiefs blockers in front of him.

The Cowboys had a lot more defenders near the goal line to prevent the score. You see this all the time in Hail Marys or last ditch plays at the end of halves or games.

But ... the Cowboys somehow didn’t tackle Tyreek who ran it in for the score. Watch how Demarcus Robinson signals for Tyreek to come behind him and makes TWO blocks.

Another angle:

I’m still not even sure how he did that but it was an incredible play.

I guess you could call this a Hill Mary.


Here’s another version if you can’t see the Youtube video above:

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