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Chiefs know they need to be better against the run

Everyone is talking about the Kansas City Chiefs run defense. Even Mrs. Arrowhead Pride is worried about the Chiefs stopping the CowboysEzekiel Elliott this weekend (she’s actually a good fan).

The good thing is that the Chiefs know they need to be better. 610 Sports’ Jay Binkley posted some audio from Justin Houston after the Broncos game last week that I found interesting. After saying they played well overall on defense, Houston said they need to work on the run.

“Only thing I would ask for more of is a better run defense,” Houston said last week via 610 Sports’ Jay Binkley.

Houston said he didn’t think the Chiefs were playing together in their previous two losses.

“Just being on the same page, I feel like we weren’t playing together as a whole on defense,” Houston said. “We were playing separate. We fixed it, we got in the meeting room, we talked and made sure everyone was on the same page with the communication.”

I found these comments interesting and I bring them up now because the Chiefs are going to be tested — not just on run defense but on defense as a whole — on Sunday against the Cowboys. They looked the part against Denver (minus the run defense) but the Broncos also had a bad quarterback. A much better test is coming up in just a few hours.

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