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Chiefs vs. Cowboys picks and predictions from the AP staff

We have our predictions for the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys game in Week 9. The experts from the Arrowhead Pride staff (hey, they’re my staff so they’re experts) have their picks in below.

Chiefs 35 Cowboys 30

I made this prediction before the Ezekiel Elliott ruling but I am sticking with it. The Chiefs are the better team but the Cowboys have the perfect strength facing the Chiefs, a top flight running game. However, this is the NFL so things never go as you’d expect. Zeke gets shut down, Alex Smith throws three picks and the Chiefs win. -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 31, Cowboys 24

I believe in the offense and its ability to put up enough points to get a win. While Dallas has a scary offensive line, without Elliot they aren't the same team. The Chiefs are more balanced, and it'll show on Sunday. -Seth Keysor

Chiefs 34 Cowboys 27

Andy Reid has not lost to an NFC East opponent since becoming the coach of the Chiefs and I expect this to continue. The Chiefs are going to give up a TON of yards in this game, but they will do just good enough of a job holding the Cowboys to field goals instead of touchdowns. Alex Smith is on fire again and he creeps closer to breaking Peyton Manning's 20 TD to zero interception record. This speedy Chiefs team with Andy Reid's play calling will look like a thing of beauty on the Cowboys turf. -Gary McKenzie

Chiefs 31 Cowboys 27

Dallas' best defense is their offense. The Cowboys are well positioned to follow the blueprint the Steelers have used: Play ball control, limit the Chiefs offensive opportunities, take the field goals, keep your defense fresh. Control of the game could be a significant factor this week and I expect the Chiefs to make a few defensive adjustments. I would give Benny Logan more sub-package snaps than we've seen so far for starters. Why am I picking the Chiefs? Three things:

  • The Cowboys defense isn't the Steelers.
  • I expect the offense to have one of their best performances of the year on Sunday.
  • I believe they will get off to a fast start.

I could see the Chiefs electing to receive, go down the field and put up seven early points. If they get off to a fast start, they mitigate the Cowboys ability to take control of the game. Getting plus one in the turnover battle early would be huge. The Chiefs are up 11 late, and hold on to an early lead. They go into the bye 7-2. -Kent Swanson

Chiefs 42 Cowboys 35

Both teams have offensive weapons and defensive struggles. this one is a bit of a shootout. Tyreek Hill is due for a big game as is Kareem Hunt. The Chiefs come out aggressive, using play action to catch the Cowboys cheating up to stop the run. Maybe the Chiefs defense finally stays in the base 3-4 and is respectable against Zeke. This is a tough game to pick, but there is no reason why KC can't pick up win No. 7 going into the bye week. -Matt Stagner

Chiefs 27 Cowboys 38

This hasn’t been my favorite week being an Arrowhead Pride writer because of how much I dislike this matchup for the Chiefs. I predicted that the Chiefs would lose before Ezekiel Elliott was going to play and that changing obviously makes matters worse. I think Elliott is playing his best football while the Chiefs rush defense is playing it’s worst, and the Cowboys win in a shootout. - Pete Sweeney


As for this week’s Madden prediction ... umm, don’t watch this.

Week 9 Madden simulation: Chiefs at Cowboys

Safe to say that Madden does NOT like the Chiefs' chances this week.

Posted by Arrowhead Pride: For Kansas City Chiefs Fans on Saturday, November 4, 2017

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