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Arrowheadlines: Still trying to figure out the Chiefs problems

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Reasons for KC Chiefs losing | Andy Reid, Alex Smith, analysis | The Kansas City Star

First, the last five years of building and drafting and planning and patience will be a monumental success or undeniable failure based on the next five games and whatever comes in the postseason.

Second, the specific Chiefs team that will determine how these last five years are valued is only sort of like the team coaches and executives thought they’d have for this crucial stretch.

This is the problem.

Alex Smith doubles down on the details during down times like this | ESPN

"The attention to detail gets turned up," Smith said. "That's kind of what comes away from this past week. It was the glaring thing for all of us, especially on offense, right? Every position group, every guy.

NFL picks 2017, Week 13: Experts see hope for the Seahawks and Chiefs |

If the Chiefs can’t get their act together this week against the Jets, the Chargers have a good chance of moving into a tie with them atop the AFC West standings. The Chargers are hosting the Browns.

Chiefs’ Orson Charles ready to 'sacrifice his body for the cause' | The Kansas City Star

“It’s an attitude, a want-to, and I enjoy doing it,” Charles said of blocking. “That’s something we have to do.”

Colts’ Prospective Head Coach Profile: Dave Toub | Stampede Blue

Dave Toub is a problem solver. He doesn’t allow adversity and obstacles to keep him from finding success. From an early age, that kind of attitude defined him and has opened the door to the man he is today.

Eric Berry Foundation works to ‘stock the shoppe’ by collecting toys for kids at Children’s Mercy | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

Stock the Shoppe is a citywide campaign to stock the shelves of the Snowflake Shop inside Children's Mercy. Parents who have sick kids are able to shop for free and bring their kids a little joy -- not to mention, they don't have to leave the hospital to do so.

Chiefs' Andy Reid wants everyone to lay off QB Alex Smith | USA Today

But as bad as Smith has been lately, as the Chiefs have lost five of six, there is a nugget of truth to Reid's assertion: The problems in Kansas City extend far beyond one player.

The offensive line. The wide receivers. Even star tight end Travis Kelce.

Everyone has had a hand in the offense's shortcomings.

Andy Reid confident Kansas City Chiefs will bounce back | KMBC

“Every season has its highs and lows,” Reid said. “That’s the norm. Very few teams go undefeated. So you work through them. Whether you win or lose, you searching to get better. That’s what we do. So we don’t change that if we’re in a situation like this. You just keep hammering home the fundamentals.”

Ross Travis' farewell message for Chiefs fans | The Kansas City Star

“I can’t thank the Kansas City Chiefs organization enough for taking me in and helping me grow as a player in this league. I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity & for the relationships I’ve built over these past 3 years.”

Photo Gallery: My Cause, My Cleats 2017 |

Kansas City Chiefs players show off their custom designed cleats for the NFL's My Cause My Cleats initiative.

QB job is still Alex Smith's, but for how long? | ESPN

“We’ve all got a responsibility to do our job at all positions, starting with me, and that’s not getting done the right way. It’s not one guy. That has to be understood. It’s not one person. We’ve all got to pull together as a football team -- in this case, an offensive football team right now -- and get that taken care of. That’s about as clear as I can be."

Peter King’s take on KC Chiefs: Defenses are saying you won’t beat us with big plays | Arrowhead Pride

“I will make this point and I think Travis Kelce said it well at the Meadowlands nine days ago when he was asked what the heck is wrong with your team ... I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that teams have understood that they’re not going to be afraid to throw the ball deep so they’re playing a lot of very conservative cover 2 and they’re saying you’re not going to throw the ball over our heads and you’re not going to beat us with Tyreek Hill on 50-yard go routes down the field.

What we learned, didn't learn in Week 12 of 2017 NFL season | ESPN

"We've played some teams that show a very low percentage of Cover 2 in their other games and then they've popped to that against us," Chiefs right tackle Mitchell Schwartz said. "We have Cover 2 beaters, but conversely, if they're in Cover 2, that should open up our run game. So we need to run the ball better somehow."

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