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Updated Super Bowl odds show how weak the AFC is this year

Bovada released their updated Super Bowl 52 odds and the Kansas City Chiefs continue to drop. What I found interesting looking at this list though is how top heavy the AFC is and how deep the NFC is.

Two of the top three teams in the league when it comes to Super Bowl odds are in the AFC — the Patriots and Steelers. The other being the Eagles.

The top nine spots in these odds have two AFC teams and a whopping seven NFC teams. The Chiefs and Chargers have the same Super Bowl odds, which still seems insane to say after the way each of these teams started.

It’s hard to ask this now but are the Chiefs still the third best team in the AFC? On the season as a whole, I think you can make that argument but right now? This week? It’s impossible to say that with the way they’ve been playing.

It all goes back to this: I have no idea. I have no idea which Chiefs team this is. I have no idea if they are good or bad. It depends on the week.

Super Bowl 52 odds

New England Patriots: 5/2

Philadelphia Eagles: 7/2

Pittsburgh Steelers: 6/1

Atlanta Falcons: 12/1

Minnesota Vikings: 12/1

New Orleans Saints: 12/1

Los Angeles Rams: 14/1

Carolina Panthers: 18/1

Seattle Seahawks: 22/1

Kansas City Chiefs: 33/1

Los Angeles Chargers: 33/1

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