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The Kansas City Chiefs are very streaky which could be good news ... maybe?

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The Kansas City Chiefs have lost five of their last six after starting the season 5-0 and, I’ll admit, the season feels lost right now. It’s been long enough since the Chiefs played well that I wonder if they can recapture it.

The Chiefs have been here before though. They’ve been on a 1-5 stretch under Andy Reid before and come out of it. Remember the start of the 2015 season? The Chiefs were 1-5 before they rattled off 10 straight.

I know, I know ... we’ve all watched the Chiefs the last few weeks and I agree there’s no way they’re rattling off 10 straight (err, five straight this season) if they play like they have been.

The hope is that this is the end of a bad stretch. The bad streak is over and the Chiefs are back to starting a good streak. Until they lose to the Jets, that’s my hope!