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Chiefs-Cowboys odds swing back in Dallas’s favor after Ezekiel Elliott news

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The Kansas City Chiefs are now UNDERDOGS headed to Dallas this weekend. The line opened up earlier this week with Dallas a 1-point favorite and then quickly shifted to the Chiefs as a 1-point favorite.

With today’s news on Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott now playing in the game, the Chiefs are back to being underdogs. The odds sites I look at have the anywhere from a 1 to a 1.5-point underdog in the game.

Still, this is a road game for the Chiefs and they’re only 1-point ‘dogs. If you believe the home team gets three points, the Chiefs are getting some respect with this line.

Either way, we’re all expecting this game to be close. It’s amazing how close Vegas gets with these betting lines. Is anyone going to be surprised if this is a 1-point game on Sunday? I’m not.