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Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott will play this weekend vs. Chiefs, per report

The Kansas City Chiefs will be seeing Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott this weekend after all. According to reports, Zeke will play in Sunday’s Chiefs-Cowboys game after some legal maneuvering. He is no longer suspended for this game.

I would explain what happened but I have no idea. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport has some of the legal mumbo jumbo here. We spent the week thinking he would be suspended because the NFL said he was suspended. The legal maneuvering continued this week until today’s news that Zeke will now in fact play this weekend against the Chiefs.

Could thing change between now and Sunday? I have no idea. I didn’t even think he would be playing this weekend and now he is so maybe I’m not the best person to ask. This is a bizarre situation that has gone back and forth. Even Andy Reid earlier this week indicated he didn’t quite know which way this thing was going, although all the talk this week had been about him not playing.

So, he’s playing, I guess. This makes things much harder for the Chiefs because Zeke is a great back who has three consecutive 100-yard games. The Chiefs are struggling as a run defense so this isn’t a good combination. I said on our podcast this week that Zeke not playing swayed my pick to the Chiefs. I guess I’ll stick with my Chiefs pick but I don’t feel as confident, that’s for sure.

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