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Chiefs offensive trends from Denver: Extra time to prepare

I normally use this time to give my take on what I saw on the game before I jump into trends. Not feeling it today. Yes, there’s a lot of work to be done on both sides of the ball. I agree.

Instead, here’s my kid dressed as Patrick Mahomes:

Also, Tyreek Hill’s pass looks even more hilarious from the end zone view:

Alright, let’s get into it.

The First 15

The first 15 plays are scripted plays to get an idea of how teams plan to defend you. The script is followed until there’s special situations like third and short, and goal plays, etc.

The Chiefs had two tight ends or more for 11 of the first 15 plays.

The only two players to get an offensive touch in the first 15 were Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt.

Kelce (3) and Hunt (1) were the only two players to motion in the first 15 plays. Kelce caught passes off two of those motions.

The Chiefs used 15 different formations.

The Chiefs used only 11, 12 and 13 personnel in the first 15.

Denver was in nickel personnel 3/15 plays, and only 4 the rest of the game. They gave up 48 yards and a TD in those three plays.

Chiefs Offense vs. Denver

The most used formation was this two tight end set:

Also this bunch formation that isolates Kelce:

It took until the late second quarter for someone besides Hunt, Kelce or Hill to get a touch.

You could tell they had some time extra time on their hands. The Chiefs rolled out 5 new formations this week. Some were minor tweaks to formations we’ve already seen, but there were some clear adjustments and new looks.

The Chiefs ran option for the first time since Week 5. They ran option once that week, and once in Week 1. This week, they ran it twice into the boundary, and had success with it:

The Chiefs were in 12 (one running back, two tight ends) personnel for 41% of the snaps.

The Chiefs were in 11 personnel for only 35% of the snaps.

The Chiefs were using more mirrored concepts this week than normal:

Mirrored concepts are half field reads. Both sides are running the same route combinations. You pick the side you want to work and stick to throwing that side (pick and stick). You can make decisions based on personnel, hash, alignment, etc.

Denver Defense vs. Chiefs

Denver was in dime 56% of the time.

Denver was in dime for all 3rd and 5 or less plays.

In their base defense, Denver gave up -4 yards rushing.

Denver sent 5 or more rushes 22% of charted snaps.

The most used coverage was Cover 1 (Man Free).

Denver used middle field closed coverage 74% of the time.

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