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The Chiefs should have a coach listen to Tony Romo during the Cowboys game

I’m sure you heard heard by now that Tony Romo will join Jim Nantz as the color commentator for this weekend’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. It will be Romo’s first game covering his old team.

This week Cowboys starter Dak Prescott was asked by media members about Romo being in the booth, and this quote in particular stood out:

“I’ve heard him do games. He’s great,” Prescott said. “I guess you could just look at any of the reviews of people following him and watching his games. Hopefully he doesn’t call out and guess too many of our plays. He’ll still be very familiar with them, so hopefully he can stay away from that this week.”

One of the best (or worst, depending on your taste) things about Romo as a broadcaster is that he isn’t so far removed from the game of football as a player. This allows him to accurately call plays out before they happen.

Now I’m joking when I say the Chiefs should have a coach listening to the game broadcast of Romo for tips ... but should I be? If he’s calling other teams’ plays correctly, he would be near perfect when it came to the Cowboys.

We discuss this in detail on this week’s Arrowhead Pride game preview podcast (note: the Tamba news and the Zeke news broke after we recorded)

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