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Chiefs’ Travis Kelce has more 100-yard games than Antonio Brown in the last 2 seasons

AHPKC Chiefs Podcast takes a deep dive into what Travis Kelce has brought to Kansas City

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Travis Kelce is a monster. He is Zeus. He is Daddy Gronk. And perhaps his greatest overall achievement - he brought back raising the roof this week.

In this week’s episode of AHPKC Chiefs Podcast, we took a deep dive into some Travis Kelce stats. You can listen to that above....

Travis Kelce’s 2017 season

  • 6th in receiving yards
  • 4th in 20+ yard catches (amazing for a TE)
  • 5th in first down receptions
  • 17th in targets (Efficiency! More on this in a bit...)
  • 4th game of 98 or more yards (tied with Antonio Brown for most in NFL, one ahead of Adam Theilen, two ahead of the rest of the NFL)

Travis Kelce’s last two seasons

  • More 100 yard receiving games than any player in the NFL - 9. (Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, TY Hilton - 8, just to give you an idea of the company he is keeping)
  • 5 more 100 yard receiving games than any other TE in the NFL in that timespan (Rob Gronkowski - 4)

Travis Kelce’s career (since 2014 - his first season)

  1. Desean Jackson
  2. Julio Jones
  3. Rob Gronkowski
  4. AJ Green
  5. TY Hilton
  6. Travis Kelce
  7. Brandin Cooks
  8. Antonio Brown

Again, I list the names to show you the company Travis Kelce is keeping with what he’s doing on the field. Not to mention, he’s accomplished all of this in his first 3.5 years in the league, with a somewhat conservative offense that likes to spread the ball around, in spite of serving a one target - one reception - one yard suspension against the Chargers in Week 3 of this season.

In conclusion, I would make the argument Travis Kelce is a top 10 receiving threat in the NFL, regardless of TE or WR.

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