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What’s wrong with the Chiefs: Offensive line edition

We continue to highlight things that are wrong with the Kansas City Chiefs offense. Or at least what people THINK is wrong with the Chiefs. Earlier we pointed out some comments from The MMQB’s Peter King who talked about opposing defenses taking away the big play from the Chiefs offense.

Let’s move onto another media opinion. NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger is a fun follow on Twitter because he’s always breaking down plays in a way that makes a lot of sense to even casual fans.

He went through a few plays from the Chiefs loss to the Bills to highlight some of the Chiefs offensive line struggles. I’m not saying this is the only problem, but check out what he had to say ...

The Chiefs offensive line isn’t moving the defensive line and linebackers far back enough.

This play highlights Zach Fulton’s inability to make a block which dooms Kareem Hunt.

This play shows how Bills LB Preston Brown was able to come in unblocked and make the play on Hunt.

This is another example of the Chiefs offensive line not getting enough push.

Andy Reid said this wasn’t just one guy or one thing that’s wrong with the offense. I agree with him there because I think you can make a compelling argument for a number of things being the Chiefs biggest problem right now.

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