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This year’s first round receivers aren’t looking so hot

Remember earlier this year when we were arguing about who the Kansas City Chiefs should take in the NFL Draft? We talked about a quarterback, of course, and also about a defensive lineman or a cornerback or a linebacker.

The calls weren’t quite as strong for a receiver in the 2017 draft because the Chiefs didn’t cut Jeremy Maclin until June but with this year’s injuries to Chris Conley and Albert Wilson you can bet that we’ll be talking about drafting a receiver high in the 2018 draft (even though they don’t have a first round pick).

What would have happened if the Chiefs drafted a receiver high in last year’s draft? Besides not getting their quarterback of the future, the Chiefs probably would’ve ended up with one of these players:

What this year’s class did doesn’t have any bearing on the 2018 receiver class so I’m not completely serious when I say I am already rejecting the idea of a receiver. But I can’t say recent results would make me all that excited about it either.

It would have to be an incredible talent to move up for a receiver which is ... I don’t even want to think about the idea of the Chiefs giving up future picks for a first round receiver. Puke.

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