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Chiefs could have Darrelle Revis for two years, must make decision by March

Darrelle Revis will have a two month tryout in Kansas City before the Chiefs have to decide if they’re going to keep him in 2018. Revis’s deal is for two years. He’s making only a few hundred grand this year (only?) while the Jets are picking up the rest of his $6 million tab.

The Chiefs will have to decide by March 2018 whether they want to keep him next season at a cost of $10 million. A low base salary plus per game bonuses make up that $10 million. It could go even higher with incentives.

If Revis is as good or close to as good as he has been in the past (like before 2016) then $10 million for a starting corner isn’t a bad deal considering your other starting corner, Marcus Peters, is still on his rookie deal. I’m skeptical at 32 years old he will be so the Chiefs can easily step away from the deal next March if it’s not working. It’s also possible depending on what happens the Chiefs try to negotiate a lower price next year if they want to keep him but not at the $10 million price.

Bottom line, this is a cheap tryout in 2017 for a bigger payday in 2018.

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