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Andy Reid on potential KC Chiefs QB change: “It’s not one guy”

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid held his usual weekly press conference Monday afternoon and as expected, several questions were asked about whether or not he would change from Alex Smith to Patrick Mahomes at the starting quarterback position.

To close the press conference, Reid was asked point blank if Smith would be the guy moving forward if he remains healthy.

Here was Reid’s answer:

“Without getting philosophical, and I’m not sitting here with a crystal ball, or projecting things like that, that’s not how I roll. We’ve all got a responsibility to do our job at all positions, starting with me, and that’s not getting done the right way. Right? It’s not one guy, and that has to be understood. It’s not one person. We’ve all got to pull together as a football team, in this case, an offensive football team, right now, and get that taken care of as a team. Not one guy. And that’s about as clear as I can be.”

In about a 45-second answer, Reid used the phrase “not one guy” or “not one person” three times, making it clear that he believes the offensive problems are bigger than just Smith.

Smith will start against the New York Jets next Sunday.

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