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Marcus Peters whiffed on an interception for the Chiefs

Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor lofted a pass high in the air that looked like it had a good chance of being picked off by the Kansas City Chiefs. Marcus Peters looked like he was headed for a pick six and then ... WHIFF.

He just missed the interception. From the TV angle, it looked like he was going to have an easy interception and take it back for a score. Then he just missed it. Worse, he didn’t even knock it out of Bills TE Charles Clay’s hands so he took it for a first down.

I didn’t notice the lack of physicality until this year and it really showed up on that play. A more aggressive approach and the ball is at least knocked down (or even if he catches it, he can tackle him there instead of giving up the yards after the catch).

It’s a small thing but it’s frustrating on a day when you’re losing and that pick six may be the only way you get another touchdown.

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