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Chiefs vs. Bills preview: 5 questions with the enemy

Thanks to Matt Rich Warren over at Buffalo Rumblings for answering my Chiefs-Bills questions. Here’s our Q&A ...

1. So, are the Bills good? Or are they bad?

Before the season we predicted 6-10 for their final record. I think they are showing their true selves after a really hot start. There are certainly things they do that are good, but they've been blown out three weeks in a row so I'd be crazy to say good. They could certainly sneak into a playoff spot in an incredibly weak AFC, but that won't mean much this year (except for the end of a super-long playoff drought that is old enough to be filling out college applications).

2. What's one positive and negative of each of the two possible quarterbacks this weekend?

The Bills went with Tyrod Taylor for Sunday. Taylor is a savvy veteran who has escapability when his o-line breaks down, knows when to take a sack, and know when to get rid of the ball. He gives Buffalo the best chance to win but plays very conservatively and has shown an aversion to taking chances even when the team is behind on the scoreboard or in a 3rd and long situation. Nathan Peterman threw five picks in the game last week and many commentators are saying they weren't his fault, coming off receivers hands or after he took a hit from a pass rusher. Really, they were his fault and a result of his lack of NFL game experience where that nuance makes a big difference. I'm not sure what positive I can even give you...

3. What scares you about the Chiefs offense right now?

Without question it's Kareem Hunt. The Bills rushing defense has been in the toilet as of late and Hunt could take over the game on Sunday. Buffalo's secondary is healthy but their linebacker corps is slow to react and hasn't been very good tackling the ball carrier and the front four has been pushed all over the place recently. Buffalo went almost two games worth of clock time without forcing a punt over the last three weeks, so it's not exactly a force to be reckoned with.

4. Can the Bills still run the ball well with McCoy?

Absolutely they can, but they will probably have a lot more success over the left side of the o-line than the right. Guard Vlad Ducasse and tackle Jordan Mills have been huge liabilities on the right side while rookie Dion Dawkins has stepped in surprisingly well for the oft-injured Cordy Glenn on the left side.

5. What's your score prediction?

I'm notoriously bad at this, but the Chiefs are seventh in the NFL in scoring and even during their losing streak have been putting up some games with points. They get right against Buffalo's struggling defense. I'll go 30-17 and another season with a soul-crushing November loss by the Bills to the Chiefs.

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