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John Dorsey speaks for first time on Chiefs 2017 season, Alex Smith and more

KC Chiefs GM John Dorsey went on Adam Schefter’s podcast and made his first public comments since the Chiefs fired him in June. Dorsey wants to lead a team again and hopes this January he will have that opportunity.

Here are some quotes and notes on what Dorsey is up to. Listen to the podcast here.

On what he’s been up to: “I don’t think I’ve really talked about anything and I’m kind of taking the last four or five months and just kinda done some self assessments and stayed in touch in terms of keeping up with the pro game in terms of watching pro tape on Mondays and Tuesdays and then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday watch some college players to make sure I’m up to speed on the league and the draft class of 2018.”

On what he does each day: He says he goes to Mass every morning. He goes to the gym to work out after that and then he goes into his “laboratory” to study film and talk to people in the game.

On what he’s learned about himself: “I know I can do my job with the best of my peers in the NFL. I’m very proud of being able to help an organization reestablish their winning ways. I think that’s important and I think I have a better understanding of when you sit in that seat it’s a unique seat. Because you have to be accountable from 6:30 a.m. to 8-ish at night. You have to be prepared to address everybody’s questions that they may have for you. That’s what I’ve learned from it, I’m happier with who I am and where I am and what I’ve accomplished.”

On where he lives: He still lives in Kansas City because he didn’t want his kids to change schools.

On what he would like to do: “I would like to see if I have another opportunity to build. I see myself as a builder and a teacher. If that doesn’t happen then I’ll still try to get into football somehow. I’m the eternal optimist and hope something will happen.”

On whether he watches the Chiefs: “I think it’s human nature. You’re going to watch that team. Part of the exercise is to watch other teams in the same exercise as well. I’ve tried to stay atop the league in terms of understanding people’s rosters and what they’re doing and how they go about their daily work.”

On the Chiefs this year: “I’d say they got off to a hot start. They have a very good nucleus there. They’ve kinda taken a step back here. They’ve lost a few games but with that coaching staff and with those players on that field I foresee those guys beginning to make that final push in late November and December. They are still two games ahead in the AFC West so they’re in a nice position. They need to refocus and go attack it, go get it.”

On Alex Smith this year: “I think Alex to this point he has played marvelously. He’s been in the same system now for five years. He has a great understanding of that system and what it takes to accomplish. I think there are some young playmakers to help him. This group, they’ve been together for a couple years now so I think there’s an understanding on what needs to be addressed. The one thing that people don’t realize is how competitive Alex is. We all know how smart he is but he is very competitive. He does not like to lose, I can tell you that.”

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