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AFC playoff picture: Chiefs would host the Titans if playoffs started today

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently the fourth seed in the AFC after they have now lost four of their last five games. The Chiefs are behind the Steelers, Patriots and Jaguars in the AFC. The fourth seed would still get a home playoff game but they would be playing on Wild Card weekend against the Titans if the playoffs started today. The Chiefs would be favored over the Titans.

The Chiefs should still hope for a first round bye. It’s possible but not likely anymore after they sit two games behind the Steelers and Patriots. The Steelers, who own the tiebreaker over the Chiefs, feel like a team that could easily drop a few more games but the Patriots are not. They should win 13 games.

The Jaguars being ahead of the Chiefs is ... it’s something! The Jaguars have been playing a sort of Chief-like football by winning in ways that don’t involve your quarterback throwing for 300 yards so we’ll see how long that lasts.

The Chiefs play the Bills this weekend and they’re listed in the hunt. Buffalo was 5-2 at one point this season and looked to snap their 18-year streak of not making the playoffs. Now they’re 5-5 with an uphill climb to make it.

There are a bunch of 4-6 teams that are also technically in the hunt but we’ll wait for them to separate more before diving into them.

Find the NFC playoff picture here.

AFC playoff picture

1. Steelers (8-2)

2. Patriots (8-2)

3. Jaguars (7-3)

4. Chiefs (6-4)

5. Titans (6-4)

6. Ravens (5-5)

In the hunt

7. Bills (5-5)

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