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Chiefs’ Travis Kelce says they’re not pointing fingers but “guys have to get called out”

The Kansas City Chiefs were left trying to figure out what happened after Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants. This was the Chiefs worst loss of the season. Yes, they are still in first place and they’re still the favorite to win the AFC West. But if you’re a Chiefs fan, this feels like rock bottom. And apparently it does for players, too.

“We’re going to have to go look at the film and man up,” Chiefs TE Travis Kelce said after the game (via quotes from the Giants). “Nobody is pointing fingers, but guys have to get called out and get told, you know what I mean? They have to be more accountable, and that starts with myself. We’ll just go around the room and sure enough, guys have to start stepping up.”

It sounds like Andy Reid and Alex Smith talked to the team after the game.

“The message (after the game) is we know that’s not our style of football,” Kelce said. “We just have to come together. Don’t let this pull us apart. Alex said to circle the wagons. Get everybody together and who all is with us is with us.”

Kelce talked mostly in generalities like that but he did say one specific thing about what this offense can do better.

“Until we can beat Cover-2,” Kelce said, “both in the run game and in the pass game, we’re going to struggle.”

Kelce can talk because he performed with 109 yards on eight catches in the loss. He was the only bright spot. I took this message as a call for urgency and not so much calling the players out. If you’re going to start calling individual players out, you’re gonna have a long list.

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