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Arrowheadlines: Is this rock bottom for the Kansas City Chiefs?

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Ask Terez: Chiefs-Giants mailbag, 11/19/17 | The Kansas City Star

Many of you are calling for Patrick Mahomes. Okay. The kid is very talented, and he’s going to be a very good player in this league. But if you still believe this team can go to the Super Bowl, you need to stick with Alex Smith. No rookie quarterback has ever won a Super Bowl, and there’s a reason for that.

Chiefs Lose in Epic Fashion | 610 Sports Radio

1. The Offensive Line is BAD- Clearly the coaching staff and play callers have no faith in the 5 guys up front. They went away from the run early again against the Giants and most of the afternoon Alex Smith was back in that shot gun formation. This line is not getting better. Its getting worse and it can't be getting worse as we head towards the post season. I just don't see the anger and bitterness I need to see out of this offensive line. They are too nice and nice doesn't win in the trenches. The Chiefs even made a chance with Zack Fulton getting the nod at left guard over Brian Witzmann but that didn't help much.

Chiefs' kicker Harrison Butker says wind wasn't a huge issue for him | The Kansas City Star

Chiefs' kicker Harrison Butker, who scored all of their points in a 12-9 loss to the Giants on Sunday, talks about conditions and field goal he made to send game into overtime.

Chiefs' offense fades from greatest asset to weakness | The Kansas City Star

Afterward, coach Andy Reid tried to absorb and deflect blame from Smith, trotting out his familiar “we’ve all got a piece of that thing” as he suggested poor play calls, missed protections and even incorrect depth of pass routes could have been a factor in some of the throws.

Answer to Chiefs' problems are in the locker room | The Kansas City Star

“Just do your job, everybody, collectively,” Nunez-Roches said. “I know it sounds simple, but that really is all it is. You can’t go back and say we need to change this or change that and do this different. Everybody needs to focus in on what they’re supposed to do.”

Chiefs lost to a terrible team that played bad. So what are they? | The Kansas City Star

Alex Smith was frustrated: "Going through this tape I think everybody's going to be kicking themselves."

Travis Kelce says Chiefs have to 'man up' after loss to Giants | The Kansas City Star

“We have to man up,” Kelce said. “Nobody is pointing fingers but guys have to get called out and be more accounted, and that starts with myself.”

Chiefs report card vs. Giants for Nov. 19, 2017 | The Kansas City Star

Reason to mope: The offense isn’t making enough big plays and has looked disjointed for more than a month. The defense isn’t sacking or affecting the quarterback.

Concern growing about Chiefs after 4th loss in 5 games | USA Today

"We are going to take care of business and tighten things up in those areas so we are more disciplined," Reid said. "That's directly reflected on me. I need to make sure I do my job better."

Forget about the Kansas City Chiefs as a Super Bowl contender | The Washington Post

It wasn’t so long ago that the Chiefs were beating the Patriots in a stunning opening night upset in Foxborough, Mass., on their way to a 5-0 start to the season that made them the final team in the league to suffer a loss.

But a month and a half can be a virtual lifetime in such a week-to-week league, in which each Sunday seems to provide total vindication or a complete repudiation of everything that a team is about. And, by that measure, it has been a long time since the Chiefs have resembled an NFL heavyweight. Their dominance is a fading memory.

Chiefs' safety Ron Parker: 'We just gotta get our swag back' | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City slump continues | ProFootballTalk

At some point, it will be fair to ask whether a quarterback change is needed to give the Chiefs a kick in the butt. Back when things were going well, tight end Travis Kelce said that rookie Patrick Mahomes has been doing some “unbelievable” things in practice. If the Chiefs want to turn around a season that puts them on the outside looking in for a bye and possibly will put them in danger of being the latest 5-0 team to miss the playoffs (Falcons in 2015, Vikings in 2016), maybe a switch to Mahomes is needed.

Photo Gallery: Chiefs vs. Giants Game Action |

Photos from the Chiefs Week 11 matchup against the Giants

It's Game Time.

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