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Good guy Marcus Peters helps out

I love finding these stories of KC Chiefs players doing nice things and not publicizing it. I would hear about Eric Berry doing some random acts of kindness and I know plenty of other Chiefs players have.

Today, let’s look at one such instance with Marcus Peters. I came across this Facebook post and picture that says Peters brought two pairs of shoes for a kid and didn’t tell them who he was.

Here’s the post:

So my son and I was at Oak Park Mall yesterday. This man bought him 2 pair of shoes. When I asked him what was his name... All he would tell me is his name was Marcus. He was so covered up, at the time I didn't realize who he was. With the help of my Facebook friends. It was Marcus Peters. How amazing he was. I just thought he was a nice guy. #GoChiefs#22

The Star has more information on the story here.

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