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NFL picks Week 11: Chiefs-Giants is a unanimous prediction

Chiefs vs. Giants gameday predictions

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Let’s do this. Predictions for the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants game from the Arrowhead Pride staff.

Chiefs 28 Giants 17

The Chiefs don’t lose to bad teams. I’ve said that enough this week that I would look really dumb if they lose. So don’t lose, Chiefs. -Joel Thorman

Chiefs 38 Giants 10

We are officially on Mahomes Watch this week. This game is one of several the rest of the season that could be his NFL debut. If the Chiefs start fast and jump out to an early lead, the Giants will fold quick. I called them rudderless early this week in an article. This game might be the one that the whole boat sinks. -Kent Swanson

Chiefs 38 Giants 14

As this game draws nearer, I am starting to think that this game will be closer than people think. That said, I went with 38-14 on our Arrowhead Pride Podcast and I’ll stick with it. If the Chiefs are the Super Bowl team we thought they were earlier this season, this is a blowout. They should be better than the New York Giants in every phase of the game. -Pete Sweeney

Chiefs 34 Giants 21

The Chiefs are coming off of the worst 4 game stretch of the season. The cure? Perhaps it's a bye week and a deflated Giants team. I think the Chiefs should come out aggressive and bury the Giants hopes. I'll predict they do just that and get a 20 point 1st half lead. In the 4th quarter, the G-Men may get some garbage time points, while the Chiefs shut down a bit, but it shouldn't be that close. -Matt Stagner

Chiefs 42 Giants 12

Turnovers kill the Giants as well as some special teams gaffes. Aside from Alex Smith's four touchdown passes, the most notable thing to happen in this game is Patrick Mahomes will see his first regular season playing time as a Chief. This game will also signify the revival of Kareem Hunt. I have no doubt the Chiefs, coming off a bye, will get it together against a completely hapless Giants team. -Gary McKenzie

Chiefs 31 Giants 13

The Giants are JUST enough of a mess to frighten me, as teams like that usually have one "nobody believes in us" game left before it's all said and done. However, the Chiefs are coming off a bye and several embarrassing performances and have plenty of motivation of their own. They've also had a chance to self-evaluate and make some adjustments, which Reid and Sutton have both traditionally done midway through the season and during bye weeks. I expect to see the Chiefs dominate. -Seth Keysor

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