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Chiefs offensive trends through the first half of the season

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I decided to take on this weekly offensive trends article because I thought it might be a way to identify interesting nuggets on the Chiefs offense and try to quantify things that don’t show up in the box score.

It’s been probably more beneficial for me outside of this article. I’ve been able to reference it for other things I’ve written, and it’s helped me learn a lot.

We’re nine games in, and we’re up to 14,742 data points entered into the spreadsheet. Crazy. Here’s the information I’ve been able to pull out of it.

The most used formation by the Chiefs has been this 3x1 look I classify as Wide Right (or Left) Open:

The “open” in Wide Rt Open indicates that the Y (often a TE) is detached from the line.

The Chiefs have seen 5 or more rushers only 16% of charted pass attempts.

9/24 sacks have come against 5 or more rushers.

One sack came against three rushers.

The Chiefs have only surrendered one sack in empty formations.

The Chiefs have face middle field closed coverage (safety in the middle of the field) 66% of the time.

The Chiefs faced some kind of man coverage 29% of snaps.

The Chiefs have shifted or motioned on 35% of plays.

The Chiefs have used 11 different personnel groupings.

The most used personnel group is 11 personnel, used 49% of charted snaps.

Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill have lined up in all five positions I chart. Hill has had a catch or run from every position.

The Chiefs have thrown out of 13 personnel 56% of the time.

The Chiefs have averaged 11 yards per play in personnel groups without a running back.

Hill has scored touchdowns on a go, post, pump out and a Hill Mary. All of his touchdowns have been 30+ yards.

Red Zone

Defenses sent 5 or more rushers 19% of the time in the red zone.

The Chiefs saw man coverage on 40% of snaps in the red zone.

The Chiefs have run the ball only 34% in the red zone.

Explosive Plays

Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt have both generated 11 explosive plays (20+ yards).

Tyreek Hill has generated only six, but four have been for touchdowns.

56% of explosive plays have come in 11 personnel.

Longest Play Call

This isn’t the same terminology that the Chiefs use, but to this point, here’s the longest play call I have in my charts using the system I was taught:

8 Wide Bunch Right Slot H-Zip Fake Flash Gone Left Pump 9 Spot 7 F-Seam

It drew an unnecessary roughness call.

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