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CJ Spiller says he appreciates the Chiefs despite getting cut 4 times

Former KC Chiefs RB CJ Spiller spoke to Bleacher Report recently about what it was like getting cut and re-signed by the Chiefs four times this year. It was a unique situation because the Chiefs cut him and re-signed him so many times but Spiller says the Chiefs kept him in the loop the whole time and there was no lack of communication.

"It was a whirlwind," Spiller says now. "But every time, they were in constant communication with me and my agent. I know people on the outside were looking at it like it was crazy with the cuts and the signings, but they didn't know the background of it. I have a great appreciation for the Chiefs organization and how they've handled everything this season. They gave me an explanation every time they made a move."

I figured the Chiefs were keeping him abreast of everything because why else would he keep coming back? If the Chiefs were screwing him, he would just say thanks but no thanks the next time they called.

Spiller should stay in shape, as he says he’s doing in the story. If the Chiefs go down a running back, who else would they call?

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