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Chiefs’ Justin Houston could be facing a Giants offensive lineman making his first start

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On the Arrowhead Pride podcast this week Pete Sweeney said that he thinks KC Chiefs LB Justin Houston can put up four sacks on Eli Manning and the Giants. I don’t even think that was an exaggeration because it sounds like Houston could be going up against a new Giants right tackle who has two career snaps to his name. Chad Wheeler, you could be having a very bad day on Sunday.

Via Ed Valentine of Big Blue View, the rookie talked as if he would be playing.

On Thursday, Wheeler certainly sounded like a guy who expected to be in the lineup against Kansas City.

“I can’t wait. It’s gonna be great,” he said on Thursday while surrounded by a half-dozen or so reporters, likely the biggest media crowd he has seen all season.

Houston could be in line for a big game. He was on the injury report for a couple of weeks leading up to the Chiefs bye week but this week he’s completely off the injury report. He should be healthy (healthy enough) for a big day.

The Chiefs need more big games from Houston and the rest of the pass rush. I view that as the single most important thing they need to work on in the second half of the season. Pressure can create turnovers.