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Alex Smith says Chiefs goals are still within reach

Andy Reid said earlier this week that the Kansas City Chiefs are in good shape coming off the bye week at 6-3. It may be hard to hear that coming off three losses in their last four but 6-3 certainly puts the Chiefs in the mix to achieve their goals this season.

Chiefs QB Alex Smith said this week that the Chiefs goals remain within reach.

“Everything we want is still right in front of us,” Alex said on Wednesday. “I think this is the point in the season where teams separate themselves and we have that opportunity in front of us.”

He’s right. Finishing 11-5 or 12-4 this season is still very much a possibility with the Chiefs second half schedule. This Chiefs team has a long record of beating the teams they should. The AFC West title looks likely. They’re still in play for a home playoff game and a first round bye.

Lots of football left. I needed that break of the bye week to remind me that the Chiefs are flawed but they’re not in bad shape because all the other AFC teams are flawed too.

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