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Bills bench Tyrod Taylor, Chiefs could face rookie QB in two weeks

The Kansas City Chiefs will make up for their brutal first half schedule as things ease up considerably in the second half. Their toughest remaining game is probably the Buffalo Bills who are 5-4 and involved in the AFC playoff picture.

Oh, and they just benched their starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, and said rookie Nathan Peterman will replace him. SB Nation’s Buffalo Rumblings is surprised by this as are many others in the NFL.

So, how do the Chiefs figure in here? They play the Bills the week after this. It’s possible the Chiefs could face a rookie quarterback drafted in the fifth round making his second career start ... at Arrowhead.

I have seen Tyrod Taylor play and I have only seen highlights of Peterman but I can confidently tell you as a Chiefs fan I would rather face Peterman so I consider this good news for the Chiefs.

As for the Bills ... this is a tough one to swallow at 5-4 even if Tyrod Taylor is struggling.

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