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The Chiefs should be able to score on the Giants

The Kansas City Chiefs are huge favorites against the New York Giants this Sunday. I don’t follow the NFC teams as closely so I went to the stats to get to know the Giants and ... good Lord, they are not good.

The Giants rankings are pretty bad everywhere. They’ve given up 82 points in the last two weeks so things may be even worse than these gross rankings from the Giants show:

  • 28th in points scored
  • 28th in points allowed
  • 30th in passing yards allowed
  • 30th in rushing yards allowed

The potential weakness that shows up in the stat book is Giants RB Orleans Darkwa vs. the Chiefs run defense, which we know has struggled this season (but did pretty well against Zeke Elliott and the Cowboys). Darkwa is averaging 5.1 yards on the season and the most action he’s seen in his career has been the last four weeks so they’re turning to him more and more. The Chiefs showed against the Cowboys they can stop or at least slow down the run if they commit to it on defense (linebackers > safeties in run support). If they can slow the Giants run down, I have a hard time seeing Eli Manning beating the Chiefs pass defense. I see a 50 percent passing day from Eli with one touchdown and a pick. The Chiefs should be able to score enough to beat that and if they can’t ... maybe they’re right about this team.

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