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Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill is averaging nearly 50 yards per TD

All I do now as a Kansas City Chiefs blogger is go from one unbelievable stat to another. had a bunch of new favorite stats last week. This one, however, is my new favorite.

The NFL pointed out that KC Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill has 15 touchdowns in his career. He’s five games into his second season, for the record. On those 15 touchdowns, he’s averaging nearly 50 yards per score.

Tyreek had a streak of five consecutive games with a 60-plus yard touchdown that ended earlier this season so now that I think about it this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. He had a 30-yard touchdown a few weeks ago and that was a short one. This week, he had an 82-yard score on a punt return.

These aren’t all long punt and kick returns either. Some of them are but not all. Eight of the 15 scores are on passing plays while three more were rushing plays. That means 11 of the 15 plays were offensive plays, not long returns.

This stat is incredible.

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