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Andy Reid on Marcus Peters: “We know that he’s emotional”

In between ambulance shots of JJ Watt, NBC caught cornerback Marcus Peters yelling at Kansas City defensive coordinator Bob Sutton on Sunday night.

If you missed it, here it is:

“It’s an emotional game,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said in a conference call with the Kansas City media early Monday afternoon. “We know that he’s emotional. That’s not a secret here. Everybody’s got their own way of communicating and doing things. Two minutes later, he’s OK. That’s how it rolls and Bob knows it.”

As you can see in the video, linebacker Justin Houston went right over to Peters to calm him down.

“Everybody’s got different personalities and goes about it a different way,” Reid added. “It’s no different than a family in that way, so you manage it, knowing that he’ll calm down and when he does, he’s OK, so he’s got a short memory that way. That’s part of his personality and we work with it.

“The one thing I don’t want to get lost is that nobody loves the game more than this guy loves the game, and so we all understand that too and we’re all wired a little bit different. We understand that and we work with it.”

As Reid alluded to, Peters calmed down by the time he reached the team plane after the Chiefs’ 42-34 win:

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