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Terrelle Pryor says he heard slurs during Redskins-Chiefs game

Another update: The Washington Post has witnesses.

Update: Chiefs respond to Terez...

Original post below:

I saw a TMZ video pop up earlier that showed Redskins WR Terrelle Pryor yelling at a fan at Arrowhead after Monday night’s game. I didn’t think much of it, probably just some fan talking trash. The clip only showed Pryor responding to something said. It didn’t show the fanbase.

Apparently, it was racist trash. Pryor wrote on Snapchat - as captured by a DC radio host - and said that he was called the N-word several times during the game. He also said he had an NFL employee standing next to him during the game because of the slurs. The NFL is investigating the incident.

It’s a pretty simple solution for that fan. If the Chiefs find out who he is, kick him or her out and don’t let them back in. I hope no other fan would hear that and stand for that. TMZ posted another angle of the exchange. I can hear someone calling him a bitch, something about Ohio State and saying fuck you.

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