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Chiefs offensive trends through Week 4: A big stat dump

I have quickly developed a love / hate relationship with the Chiefs playing Monday Night Football. Love, because I got to watch my team on the national night game. Hate, because it completely throws off my writing and charting routine.

I chart every Chiefs offensive play (now over 250). Here are trends from the Washington game and through the first quarter of the season.

First 15 Plays

Tyreek Hill was motioning all over the place early. In the first 15, Hill ran behind Kareem Hunt for a fake reverse, crossed the formation, short motioned, and motioned into the backfield next to Hunt.

The play sent Hill on a bubble, taking the safety with him. If Fisher had got his block, Smith could’ve had a nice gain. Hill on the bubble was also open, as the safety wasn’t wide enough and they had hat for hat blockers. It was well designed.

Travis Kelce (twice) and Anthony Sherman (once) were the only other two players to motion early.

Personnel groups in the first 15 plays

Last week the Chiefs ran the ball nine of the first 15 plays. This week? The Chiefs passed nine of the first 15.

The Chiefs used 14 different formations in the first 15 plays.

Washington sent five rushers three times in the first fifteen plays. The results were Kelce’s 32-yard reception, an 11-yard Smith run and sack.

Washington used four different coverages in the first 15 plays.

Washington was in base personnel four plays in the first 15. The Chiefs gained only 14 yards.

Chiefs Offense

The most used formation was the same as last week. This 2x2 formation.

They passed 7/9 times in this formation.

In that formation, they used three different personnel groups (11, 12, 01).

The Chiefs came back to the Kelce direct snap look again this week.

I wonder if this is or could be an run-pass option (RPO), with a pop pass to Hunt. The offensive line stayed at or near the line of scrimmage and it looked intentional.

If so, that would be another way to use your three best skill players in the same look.

The Chiefs generated six explosive plays (20-plus yards). Five of them were passes. The only run was on Smith’s scramble in the second quarter.

They generated an explosive play with four different personnel groups (11, 12, 21, 01)

The Chiefs faced five or more rushers nine times on Monday. They were 4/5 for 62 yards with three sacks and an offside penalty.

The most used run play was outside zone.

I mentioned last week that the Chiefs have thrown 9/11 times in 13 personnel. This week? 1/3. The one pass was Kelce’s TD catch, which I wrote about for this week’s 45 seconds.

Three of the four sacks the Chiefs surrendered came in 11 personnel.

Hill lined up in all five positions I chart (X, Y, Z, F, H).

Kelce was off the field for four snaps this week.

After the first 15 plays, the Chiefs only shifted or motioned on 11 more plays the rest of the game.

Washington Defense

Washington really mixed things up in coverage. I have them down for 11 different looks. That was one way they could keep the Chiefs on their toes and they had success with it. They utilized a few combo coverages, and went all in with some cover zero a few times as well. It was a well designed game plan.

Their most used coverage was still Cover 3 as it has been for every team. They used that on 35 snaps by my record.

Washington still used middle field closed coverages (Cover 1 and Cover 3) 60 percent of the time.

Washington sent five or more rushers 14 times, getting two sacks but also surrendering six plays of 10 yards or more.

Washington was in base personnel for 35 percent of snaps.

Offense through first quarter of the season

I feel like Todd Haley now talking in quarters.

The Chiefs have taken 16 sacks this year.

Only six of those sacks have come against 5 or more rushers.

10 of those sacks have come when a team sending a blitz. They may still send four but their protection rules are effected based on who blitzed.

Three of those sacks came off play action.

One came with Demetrius Harris staying in to protect.

The Chiefs have had 5 plays of 50+ yards. Four from Hunt, one from Hill.

The most popular run play is outside zone.

The Chiefs have run 8 plays with double moves. They are 2/5 for 100 yards and two sacks on those plays and a pass interference call. They haven’t seen more than 4 rushers on any those plays.

The Chiefs have used some kind of bunch formation 10% of their plays.

The Chiefs have 3:1 Run/Pass ratio with two running backs on the field.

Opposing defenses through first quarter of the season

Defenses have had a safety in the middle of the field for 72% of snaps this season.

Everyone but New England has countered 3 TE personnel groupings with base defenses.

The Chiefs have passed against base defense in 3 TE personnel groups 8/11 times.

Defenses have sent 5 or more rushers only 29 times all season.

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