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Chief in the North: Recapping the Redskins, looking ahead to the Texans

In Episode 14 of the Chief in the North, I power through a voice that is on its way to being completely lost and a cold that's incoming (products of an incredible night at Arrowhead) to talk about the Chiefs' epic (that's right, epic) win against the Redskins on Monday Night Football.

I open up discussing the game itself, how the Redskins were better than I thought they would be, the atmosphere at Arrowhead, and how bleak things looked starting out. I then look at what it shows about the team to come back in that situation, and what being 4-0 really means.

Then it's time to start talking about individual players. I discuss Alex Smith's clutch play down the stretch, Kareem Hunt's freakishness, and Albert Wilson's unexpected emergence as an important role player after he was finally given a role that fits his skillset. I then talk about missing the entire interior offensive line and what that might mean moving forward.

Then the conversation shifts to the defense. By popular request, I re-watched every Reggie Ragland snap and spend quite a bit of time discussing the traits he demonstrated next to DJ. I then discuss Marcus Peters and the pass rush, both of which were two of the only negative things to come out of Monday night.

Finally, we're on to the Texans. I talk about the budding rivalry between the two teams and fanbases and what I think of Houston overall. I discuss the pieces they have on offense and defense, how they've performed so far this year, and what I think the game against them will look like.

It's a good week to be a Chiefs fan.

It's Game Time.

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