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Second half Kareem Hunt is the best running back in the NFL

My favorite characteristic about the 2017 Kansas City Chiefs is that they are a second half team. They get stronger as the game goes on. This feels like one of those things that is true of the great teams. You can never count them out.

One of the best stats in all of the NFL this year is that Kareem Hunt, who leads the league in rushing with 502 yards, would still lead the league in rushing if you only counted his second half rushing yards (372).

Through four games, Hunt is almost averaging 100 yards in the second half per game. That’s insane, especially for a coach who supposedly throws the ball too much. Credit Hunt for breaking off the big runs because those have been the backbreakers in three of the games so far (well, a catch not a run in the Patriots game).

This is a missing dimension for the Chiefs. Derrick Johnson talked about it after the game, how the Chiefs know they are a second half team. Every fan complains about their team not making second half adjustments but the Chiefs actually make good second half adjustments.

Second half Kareem Hunt is the best back in the NFL.

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