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Despite that rumor you heard, the Chiefs aren’t trading for Colts WR T.Y. Hilton

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I received a couple of text messages just a little bit ago from friends asking about rumors of a Chiefs and T.Y. Hilton trade. The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday so I thought for a minute: REALLY?!

No, not really. The KC Star’s Blair Kerkhoff tweeted about a trade, which got Twitter going and then very quickly after deleted it. Blair is just like the rest of us and has been fooled by a fake tweet (a close cousin of fake news).

It happens. It was an interesting enough trade that it piqued my interest and I thought there was a slight chance it could be real. You have the Chris Ballard connection, the Colts are in tank mode with Andrew Luck still out and the Chiefs lost a receiver .... I could’ve believed it.

The easy way to tell if these trade rumors are real is looking at the cap space. Hilton’s cap hit is $10 million so the Chiefs could reasonably try to fit that under the cap. They have about $3.5 million in cap space right now, per Over The Cap. But the players with $16 million cap hits ... not happening. The Chiefs can’t do that.

Now I’m off to write my blog post about the Chiefs trading for Calvin Johnson. Didn’t you hear?